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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Behind the scenes video from my experience on "The View"

The episode of The View with the segment on Ugly Christmas Sweaters show will air tomorrow Christmas Eve 12/24 at 10 am Eastern/Pacific and 11AM Central on ABC.

Below is a behind the scenes look that we put together in the green room between rehearsal and the actual show yesterday morning.

Behind the scenes at "The View" from Jody Mulkey.

A peek into my adventure on daytime television (literally 15 seconds of fame :)

Make sure you set your dvr :)



Unknown said...

That camera loves you Jody - you're a natural!

MG said...


David Weinrot said...

that is a very good time. the producers of the show couldn't have found someone better to tape this segment. you rock jody. merry xmas to you, emily and daphne

Unknown said...

So strong! But why aren't you wearing an ugly sweater....yet?

Julie Nishimura said...

Jody, you are THE superstar! Two thumbs up! And I absolutely love armadillo hat from your shop premier! Cannot stop laughing :)

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