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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2007 Ugly Christmas Sweater Party photo

Do we look great or what. I have to tell you we were the hit of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. My wife and I are featured here in matching Snowman Sweaters from Sears. Do you love the hat? My mother in law bought it for me. I think she would have been proud to know how well it was received. Do you think we look "tacky christmas sweater party" enough?

Happy Holidays

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Angie said...

Just wanted to say...awesome blog! I hope you are planning on posting throughout the year. Our family decided to start a new tradition this year. We exchanged names (only 4 of us) to buy an ugly Christmas sweater to be given next year on Christmas eve. We were hoping to be able to scoop up some clearanced gems, but if not, we've got a whole year to shop. Then we have to wear them on Christmas day to be seen in all of our Christmas photos. I can't wait until next Christmas!

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